• Actinomycin D
  • 產品型號:101-50-76-0



Selection Antibiotics. Synonym: Actinomycin C1, Actinomycin IV, Dactinomycin

M.W.: 1255.42
95% Min. (HPLC)
USP 23 stable substance.

Actinomycin D intercalates into DNA and thereby inhibits the transcription. It binds preferentially to guanine and blocks the RNA polymerase during the elongation step. A high dose (2ug/mL, 1.59uM) inhibits the transcription of all RNA species, lower concentrations (40ng/mL, 32nM) inhibit the synthesis of rRNA.

Actinomycin D is sold as red, shiny crystals and is soluble in acetonitrilie or acetone at 10 mg/mL and in DMSO at a minimum of 1 mg/mL. Some references also show slight solubility in water of 0.5 mg/mL.

Stock Conc.: 5 mg/mL in MeOH/EtOH
Working Conc.: 0.04-50μg/mL

Store at 4℃

Very toxic!

This product is hygroscopic and light-sensitive. If stored protected from light and moisture at 2-8°C, it remains unchanged, by HPLC testing, for at least 15 months. Unused dilute solutions of Actinomycin D are extremely sensitive to light and tend to adsorb to plastic and glass and should be discarded. However, frozen aliquots of concentrated stock solution are stable for at least a month.