• 1M Glycine, pH2.8, Sterile
  • 產品型號:2512



Elution buffer for chromatography procedures

    Glycine functions as an allosteric modulator for glutamate. It is implicated in the biosynthesis of porphyrins and purines. Glycine acts as a neurotransmitter in the central nervous system.
    Glycine is the simplest polar uncharged amino acid, containing a single hydrogen group for an R group. Glycine works as a buffer or stabilizes the pH of substances with alkaline or acidic nature.
    Glycine 1M solution is an additive screening solution of Additive Screening Kit. Additive Screen kit is designed to allow rapid and convenient evaluation of additives and their ability to influence the crystallization of the sample. The Additive Kit provides a tool for refining crystallization conditions.

    Glycine 1 M solution has been used as a component in culture medium to prepare cells for electroporation.
Store at Room Temp.